Rhetorical Convergence
Earlier Media Influence on Web Media Form

Thesis submitted for the degree of Dr. Art to the Faculty of Arts, University of Oslo, May 2003. Accepted for public defense in a disputation by the Faculty of Arts, November 2003. The public disputation was held December 11th, 2003.

You may download the whole thesis as a BIG pdf (381 pages, 65.8 MB). You can also buy a print version, just email me.

Table of Contents

  1. Four Axes of Rhetorical Convergence
    Download in pdf format (106 pages, 9.4 MB).
    A shorter version published in Dichtung Digital 30 (4/2003)
  2. Reading-View(s)ing the Über-box
    Previously published in Cybertext Yearbook 2001. Red. Markku Eskelinen and Raine Koskimaa. Jyväskylä: Nykykulttuurin Tuttkimuskeskuksen Julkaisuja, 2002. 99-110
  3. Rhetorical Convergence: Studying Web Media
    Previously published in Digital Media Revisited. Eds. Gunnar Liestøl, Andrew Morrison and Terje Rasmussen. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2003.
  4. Semiotics of the World Wide Web
  5. Linearity and Multicursality in WWW Documentaries
    Previously published in Hypertext '01: Proceedings of the Twelfth ACM Conference of Hypertext and Hypermedia. Ed. Hugh Davis, Yellowlees Douglas and David G. Durand. New York: Association for Computing Machinery, 2001. 185-194
  6. Interactive Graphics
    Download in pdf format (32 pages, 9 MB).
  7. Presenting Photographs
    Download in pdf format (44 pages, 12.3 MB).
  8. Combining Video and Writing
    Download in pdf format (51 pages, 16.3 MB).
  9. Quests and Worlds: Two Figures of Computer Game Rhetoric
  10. List of References and Appendix
    Download in pdf format (18 pages, 136 kB).

A list with links to all the 60 Web sites analysed is also online