Review: The Unseen «Other» of IP Law

Herrington, TyAnna K. «The Unseen ‘Other’ of Intellectual Property Law». Kairos 3.1 (1998). <> 30 January 2014

This paper presents me with link already in the title. How am I to interpret that? Should I leave the page right away and read that?

unseen other

I do. Authors should be trusted. And it works. I read a short essay on how the need for public debate and free speech has been ignored in most debates on copyright. A small left arrow at the bottom brings me back to the first page.I continue to read in the same manner, clicking each link as it appears, leaving the first page in mid-sentence.

As the overall structure is simple, I quickly get it: In addition to the first (or main) page, there is a page on «Why Fair Use is Essential to Free Speech,» and on on the «IP Other,» which is policy conflicts.

A third longer page is an example of remix art made by a college student, serving as an example or a backdrop to the legal arguments. Several shorter pages treating single legal themes in the style of  footnotes or reference articles are also linked. The only links in these pages are back to the main page, or out to other (usually broken) web sites, creating a star-like structure.

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