Review of «Wegzeit»

Offenhuber, Dietmar. «Wegzeit: The geometry of relative distance». Vectors 1.2 (2006) <>

Regular maps show objective distances and spatial relations. But we also experience spaces in relative measures, such as the time it will take you to get somewhere. «Wegzeit» is a short presentation of six different experimental maps of Los Angeles.

The six maps are available from the top row of icons, which also has a link to an «overview», which is a short introductory text. Each of these seven sections are then subdivided into parts available from links in the right column. Compared to other Vectors articles, this is very straitghtforward.

Skjermbilde 2014-07-30 kl. 11.51.22

There are many intriguing mappings here, but many of them require a 3D-plugin that will not work in my browser, so I have to use the fallback movies provided.

I have to say I really liked the map constructed out of verbal way descriptions.

Skjermbilde 2014-07-30 kl. 12.38.16

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