Review of Hypermedia Berlin

Todd Presner. «Hypermedia Berlin: Cultural History in the Age of New Media, or ‘Is There a Text in This Class?’«. Vectors 1.2 (2006) <>. Visited 7 January 2014.

This work is a 15-minute Flash demo of the interactive map Hypermedia Berlin, which brings together 25 maps of Berlin dating from 1237 to 2003. Hotspots in the map link to short texts and photographs of prominent places and people in the city’s history.

In the film presentation, the cursor of a user clicks controls on the interactive map and changes what is displayed, while text boxes appear on top explaining what is happening. It is rather slow paced, but effective still, as the reader/viewer can study the part of the map shown for a little while before the explanatory text appears. The same effect could have been achieved with a voice-over narration, but a long essay with inset illustrations would have been much less effective.

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