Reveiw of «Fashioning the Emperor’s New Clothes»

Dean, Christopher; Will Hochman; Carra Hood and Robert McEachern. «Fashioning the Emperor’s New Clothes: Emerging Pedagogy and Practices of Turning Wireless Laptops Into Classroom Literacy Stations». Kairos 9.1 (2004)  <> 11 February 2014.

Four university teachers share their experiences with teaching writing in a classroom equipped with wireless laptop computers. They have written an essay each, all around the theme of communication in real life compared to the computer mediated kind.

The four esssays are ordered in a sequence, preceded with an introduction as long as any of the essays, thus forming a webtext in five parts. The parts are accessible from a menu bar on top of every page. Clicking a link will bring up the first page in the chosen section, with a link to the next page in the section at the bottom. Sections vary in length from two to ten pages. There are a few links from the text to other web sites — all are dead now.

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This is one of the least theoretical of all the articles I have read in this project. While it contains much interesting reflection around the role of the teacher in a computerized classroom and the differences between orality, litearcy and computeracy, they are hardly connected to theory at all. Although there are 30 references to prior work, many are overlapping (Cynthia Self’s work is cited a lot), and they are not used much in the discussing sections, with a possible exception for Chris Dean’s section.

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