2004 Overview

facebook exploding in Oslo

Soon I will have all my contacts in Facebook, too.

(24 Apr 2007 13:37)

if I could do it all again

Right now, I think I know how it should have taught the course I just finished.

(23 Apr 2007 14:41)

hang up machine

when I lift the receiver, it hangs up

(2 Mar 2005 08:43)


I've just been asked to be the opponent of a Swedish Ph.D. thesis. How nice! It's a new experience for...

(23 Apr 2007 14:39)

orange and maroon

hokie hope

(20 Apr 2007 08:26)

Internet Research in Vancouver

My proposed paper is on hypertext research publication on the web.

(12 Apr 2007 09:53)


most writers on Web design advise you to keep each page short

(27 Mar 2007 09:58)

virtual desktop

Why didn't I get this before?

(26 Mar 2007 11:47)

not 9000 songs today, thank you

how can I know which tunes I might like?

(4 Apr 2005 12:22)

symptomatic of the historical erasure of the mythmaking process

Grand Theft Auto, that is

(7 Dec 2006 10:13)

active archive

If you link to your older writing, people read it

(25 Oct 2006 08:57)

finding a voice

If I want to be a blogger, I need a new voice.

(9 Oct 2006 08:14)

blogs in norwegian web newspapers

I'm doing some preparation for a public seminar our research project on Participation and Play in Converging Media is giving...

(6 Sep 2006 09:31)

We're hiring again!

PhD grant in computer games available in our department.

(24 Aug 2006 10:32)

We're hiring!

To PhD grants are available in our department.

(6 Dec 2005 11:10)

time management for professors

many young faculty don't publish

(23 Feb 2005 13:19)

digital literacy

how would you find a phone number in Germany?

(15 Jun 2006 14:17)

tip to students # 2

Buy the books before the exam

(7 Jun 2006 09:48)

tip to students # 1

Make one alphabetized reference list

(7 Jun 2006 09:43)

so you want to be a web author?

you must learn to write, illustrate, and code

(7 Jun 2006 09:10)


Someone's clearly not too busy at the web department.

(20 Feb 2006 21:06)

speedy pizza delivery

the local pizza place hid an amphetamine operation

(30 Mar 2005 12:21)

black and white

no color makes this fashion site stand out

(14 Dec 2005 15:24)

testing my reflexes

what would I drop, the coffee or the computer?

(15 Mar 2005 12:18)

the hypertext hypertext is online

It was the only hypertext at the conference

(27 Sep 2005 09:34)

DVD studio

An amazing product

(23 Jun 2005 10:15)

just wrote a book

Yesterday I sent the textbook to my publisher.

(21 Jun 2005 10:30)

hit in the back again

Do I have to get used to being crashed into?

(30 Mar 2005 12:23)


the word has been in use in English since the 14th century

(27 May 2005 11:16)

full papers at hypertext '05

the list is out, and it is good!

(24 May 2005 20:44)

Kairos and Hypertext '05

How dare reviewers read hypertext research in old browsers?

(24 May 2005 10:37)

back from spain

we enjoyed the beach and the pool

(24 May 2005 10:06)

a thought

how to combine Kress and van Leeuwen with Peirce and Eco

(11 May 2005 12:47)

take notes!

Every single little thought should go into the blog

(11 May 2005 12:35)

Paul Simon was first

ITunes Norway opened last night.

(10 May 2005 09:36)


hva heter 'hypermediacy' på norsk?

(6 May 2005 12:08)

After lunch

I just can't concentrate

(27 Apr 2005 14:50)

Don't make me think 2nd edition

Steve Krug is accepting suggestions

(27 Apr 2005 14:44)

See you in Chicago

IR 6.0 accepted my paper

(27 Apr 2005 14:37)

Mark Boulton's homepage

neat solution to a common challenge

(27 Apr 2005 14:32)

Theo van Leeuwen

Impressive man.

(22 Apr 2005 11:56)

safari 1.3

Safari 1.3 is much faster!

(22 Apr 2005 11:48)

new view

our neighbor cut a tree, and now we see the lake

(21 Apr 2005 09:37)

* cough *

my head pounds and my chest burns

(14 Apr 2005 13:22)

bergen trip

going to Bergen felt like a day at the office

(14 Apr 2005 13:22)

css typography

I know what the problem is, but not the solution

(12 Jan 2005 11:14)

how to ruin links

Stupid site, stupid writing, stupid links.

(23 Feb 2005 12:27)

web history

I agreed to do two lectures on hypertext history, as I thought I know a bit about that. I did...

(14 Feb 2005 14:46)


Today, the Faculty of Humanities decided that they will offer me the position as førsteamanuensis (tenured associate professor) in film...

(9 Feb 2005 14:26)

1000 web sites

found it at the book shop

(8 Feb 2005 15:11)

brian fidler interactive

good looks, type only

(8 Feb 2005 14:59)

lemon, not Apple

I use two macs. They have never worked properly.

(1 Feb 2005 10:06)

fast flickr users

Begore I had tagged all my photos, someone commented on one of them!

(27 Jan 2005 09:17)

finding manovich

How do you find something in a blog? Ask Google.

(25 Jan 2005 15:49)

cfp: internet research 6.0

The web site is open for submissions

(20 Jan 2005 11:20)

can we do without photos?

All the nice web designs I know use photographs.

(6 Jan 2005 15:03)

testing with experience

My students all managed to turn in their web site projects in time. Some sat up all last night,...

(18 Oct 2004 13:24)


I've admired their designs the last month

(6 Jan 2005 14:48)

why are links blue?

Should Berners-Lee take the blame?

(4 Jan 2005 11:38)

happy new year

and a busy one too

(3 Jan 2005 14:01)

AoIR Chicago in October

Here's the link to this year's AoIR conference

(3 Jan 2005 09:32)

end of a blog cluster?

I have felt so too

(7 Dec 2004 16:05)

life with the pvr: day twelve

I'm starting to think this box is going back to the store.

(7 Dec 2004 15:59)

life with the pvr: day ten

After more than a week, I feel like Raymonds mother

(4 Dec 2004 14:36)


I want to test a friendly hypertext with no fuss, tailor-made for busy people.

(4 Dec 2004 09:54)

microsoft word interface

my favorite quirks in Word X

(18 Oct 2004 13:27)

wacom graphire tablet 3

It's fun!

(4 Dec 2004 09:00)

forking chronologies

I made some progress with my Scream Archive project last night.

(3 Dec 2004 09:45)


I took this winter'ss first ski trip yesterday.

(2 Dec 2004 14:20)

life with the pvr: day seven

I can make my own titles and thumbnails for recorded programs in my hard disk recorder. It quite easy, actually,...

(2 Dec 2004 13:58)

cambrian games

an artist makes an image, which is the basis for another person's image

(2 Dec 2004 13:41)

life with the pvr: day five

I want metadata!

(30 Nov 2004 09:23)

life with the pvr: day four

Everything is gone! The disk is completely blank, no titles are in the "rec list." I didn't lose much,...

(30 Nov 2004 09:15)

life with the pvr: day three

It's friday, and I won't be home tonight, so I schedule a lot of recordings. I realize what I of...

(30 Nov 2004 09:12)

life with the pvr: day two

You can't do much when the timer is set.

(25 Nov 2004 19:56)

costello on the beatles

We are waiting for the digital john, paul, george, and ringo.

(12 Oct 2004 11:54)

hard disk video recorder

i'll record my life with the personal video recorder here

(25 Nov 2004 12:18)

ice cream? NOW?

this could only happen in Norway

(24 Nov 2004 13:54)

Jill in Oslo

it was great seeing her again

(24 Nov 2004 11:48)

snowy morning

coffee, leather chair, fire, messiah

(18 Nov 2004 12:44)

angel in the snow

yesterday at dinner time, it started to snow

(18 Nov 2004 10:11)

pleasant train ride

The ear phones turned my train ride into a pleasant 'meetings with myself'

(18 Nov 2004 09:45)

no film today

which is right, object or embed?

(8 Nov 2004 16:02)

update on template authoring

page updated, paper almost finished

(3 Nov 2004 21:10)

alas, united states

half of the country will be frightened today

(3 Nov 2004 10:04)

end of daylight saving time

what's the point?

(2 Nov 2004 10:04)

clinging to eudora

Eudora 6.2b fixes saves the program

(25 Oct 2004 11:26)

note to self: take notes

I always tell my students to take notes while they are working on a project. The notes will be very...

(12 Oct 2004 09:51)

explorer scare

use opera or safari for my home page pleeease

(11 Oct 2004 20:22)

clever students

My "creative web communication" class are going beyond what I expected.

(11 Oct 2004 20:16)

future of radio

The core characteristics of radio programming will be reproduced with different digital technologies.

(5 Oct 2004 11:02)

Einar Førde til minne

Han virket alltid som om han brydde seg om de ansatte.

(28 Sep 2004 12:14)

Terje's paper on media of the self

home pages stand out as some of the most interesting texts to examine today

(19 Apr 2004 14:26)

the IKEA professor

When you take the theories home, they don't really fit together

(23 Sep 2004 10:59)

AoIR blogs feed

Lilia has set up a TopicExchange page for blog posts wherever about the AoIR 2004 conference. ...

(23 Sep 2004 10:58)

bloggers meet

All around AoIR, bloggers kept meeting in person for the first time.

(23 Sep 2004 08:43)

where's the wireless?

First inpression from the AoIR 2004 conference: no wireless! In fact, for such a large conference, there is only one...

(20 Sep 2004 14:41)

nice page

I just saw this design at CSS Zen Garden: Mediterranean. Nothing remarkable, except that it really looks nice. ^do(img,mediterranean.png,"Calm, beautiful...

(25 Aug 2004 16:39)

a toast to the heroes

those who write the web every day

(24 Aug 2004 11:55)

making a better archive

Research notes from my LiveArchive project will be kept in this blog from now on.

(24 Aug 2004 10:30)

a thought on link texts

There is good linking and bad linking, but I am hard put to find the general rules.

(19 Aug 2004 13:10)

Gonzalo's Madrid homage

Gonzalo has made Madrid; a thoughtful, simple little game, in respect and sympathy for Madrid's many victims. Beautiful. (Of course,...

(15 Mar 2004 11:41)

keeping the to do list simple

Mark left a wonderful comment the other day, suggesting to keep my to do list in Tinderbox just a simple...

(19 Aug 2004 12:52)

teach yourself...in ten years

because that's how long it really takes

(19 Aug 2004 11:15)

using Tinderbox to get things done

I downloaded an impressive time management system for Tinderbox, but I find it hard to get used to.

(18 Aug 2004 11:06)

did you miss me?

I'm back from daddy leave

(17 Aug 2004 15:13)

Real World Text

I want the Wallpaper typography

(26 Apr 2004 15:37)

what is a narrative

Are travelogues narrative?

(9 Mar 2004 08:58)

opera 7.50 for mac

I think it will be fun

(26 Apr 2004 14:49)

world countries

All the other kids are doing it, I'll show my travels too

(26 Apr 2004 14:39)

what's wrong with css

designers don't think that way

(22 Apr 2004 16:33)

learn to disco

Finnish style. that is

(22 Apr 2004 16:04)

never played

I like to make custom playlists, but iTunes 'never played' is even better.

(20 Apr 2004 13:11)

beautiful site

Serco Transarctic. Pure xhtml and css. Tables are soo last century. Via Built for the Future. ...

(19 Apr 2004 15:12)

redesigning: the tough parts

Notice how I walk around the topic? How I keep finding other redesigns instead of doing mine? Step 5: Write...

(19 Apr 2004 14:58)


an example of how the same few elements can be redistributed with different effects

(19 Apr 2004 14:40)

technologies of the self

Why do we expose our thoughts, our interests, our networks on the Web?

(19 Apr 2004 14:26)

why have a home page?

What do I want to say?

(19 Mar 2004 13:43)

opera needs body padding 0

I found why my homepage looked bad in Opera. I hadn't set the padding of body, and Opera apparently has...

(12 Mar 2004 13:57)

keep your distance

A car hit mine from behind yesterday.

(15 Apr 2004 13:37)

Powazek's redesigned

very inspiring.

(15 Apr 2004 13:20)

adios, telenor!

I am no longer a Telenor customer. Good riddance!

(1 Mar 2004 14:20)

unsanity's design

The design that is good looking and well thought out, yet it does not work so well.

(15 Apr 2004 12:43)

ditching the Dock

Tog is mistaken. I've gotten used to the Dock, and removing it makes me slower.

(15 Apr 2004 11:17)

T.L. Taylor on MMORPG

Who owns an avatar?

(14 Apr 2004 14:15)

Machill on search engines

When was the last time you thought of typography as a democratic problem?

(30 Mar 2004 15:17)


Tinderbox is good for this

(29 Mar 2004 13:25)

a researcher's home page

find good examples on the web

(16 Mar 2004 10:20)

Steve Krug's excellent book

it's the best single book on Web design I've read

(16 Mar 2004 09:42)


SnapWeb is a handy little Mac OS X tool that captures the whole height of scrolling web pages and saves...

(29 Mar 2004 12:57)


English, Norwegian, or both?

(23 Mar 2004 15:23)


using helicopters to kill a man in a wheelchair leaves little honor

(23 Mar 2004 14:38)

who is it for?

who will read these pages?

(19 Mar 2004 14:59)

counting countries

17. Or 23, if American states count.

(8 Mar 2004 21:08)

back online

DSL and Web providers finally OK

(8 Mar 2004 18:25)

css bugs

Do you know a good list of CSS workarounds?

(2 Mar 2004 15:15)

money where my mouth is

guess you need to keep a nice faceade to be taken seriously

(2 Mar 2004 14:55)

index, not category

everything is deeply intertwingled

(2 Mar 2004 07:49)

narrative abstraction

Interesting paper from Hypertext '98

(1 Mar 2004 14:43)


At FX Pal, they've already written my paper

(2 Mar 2004 07:17)

early morning

it's 7.15, and I've been working for 75 minutes already. The baby woke at 4.30, and 5.30 it was no...

(2 Mar 2004 07:13)

narrative and argument

Maybe narrative is just a form of argument?

(23 Feb 2004 11:24)

pizza and interactive

I never look at the menu

(18 Feb 2004 15:46)

get nuts

buy a pair for me.

(18 Feb 2004 15:39)

long version

A fun thing with DVD films is that they may be longer.

(17 Feb 2004 14:19)


Reading Barthes, my thinking becomes sharper.

(17 Feb 2004 14:16)

Japanese vog

Two Japanese girls in Kabelvåg, Norway.

(17 Feb 2004 14:08)

digital libraries

The age of computers and Internet may not have the aura of leather binding, but is much easier.

(11 Feb 2004 16:10)

home office

Skiing, a kind of thinking. We scholars are paid to do that.

(11 Feb 2004 16:03)

ellen shows the way

On the homepage of Ellen DeGeneres' TV show, Ellen herself shows up as an interactive guide demonstrating how the site...

(10 Feb 2004 16:54)

iSync woes

Trying to sync a Sony Ericsson P900 with iSync via Bluetooth

(6 Feb 2004 10:48)

vogging tools

Vogging should be quick video editing. We need a tool that allows that.

(28 Jan 2004 11:00)

snow day

Matt Kirschenbaum reports the university of Maryland closed because of snow. We don't do that here. Norwegians are expected to...

(28 Jan 2004 10:07)


U of Oslo is #63 in the world.

(26 Jan 2004 12:50)


Is replacement or footnotes better for interactive video?

(26 Jan 2004 12:16)

his finest year

Baby, defense, job, house. What a year!

(19 Jan 2004 15:23)


I had a wonderful time

(13 Jan 2004 08:57)


It was a great day. I look grave in the pictures, but I really enjoyed it.

(9 Jan 2004 15:18)