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Review of a proto-stretchtext in Kairos

Boehm, Dane Christian with Laura Tagget. «About Plagiarism, Pixels and Platitudes». Kairos 3.1 (1998) < http://kairos.technorhetoric.net/3.1/binder2.html?coverweb/galin/index.htm>

This article discusses how to teach students ethical academic practice and avoid plagiarism. It opens with an anecdote of a case of student plagirism, ending in the question «What are the issues», followed by three links, and «What strategies address these issues», again with three links.

Les videre

Microfossils of the future

Chen, Jun-Yan et.al. «Phase contrast synchrotron X-ray microtomography of Ediacaran (Doushantuo) metazoan microfossils: Phylogenetic diversity and evolutionary implications». Precambrian Research 173.1-4 (2009). 191-200. Article of the Future version <http://articleofthefuture.com/S0301926809000953/>. 22 January 2014.

While this paleontology article shares many of the methods with, for example, materials science, its writing style is markedly different. The papers I have read from experimental sciences just report on measurements in advanced experiments. This paper reports on an experiment that used x-ray microtomography equipment and chemical solutions, but there is a lot more interpretation and argument here. Les videre

Carbon tube manufacturing of the future

Koós, Antal, et.al. «Comparison of structural changes in nitrogen and boron-doped multi-walled carbon nanotubes.» Carbon 48.11 (2010). 3033-41. Article of the Future version <http://articleofthefuture.com/S0008622310002770/> 22 January 2014.

The research highlights have hyperlinks to an experimental flowchart and three graphs. The sum of this is a very compact and quick way of surveying the main results. To my untrained eye, it seems even faster than reading an abstract. Les videre