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New article: Humanist evaluation methods

Can we use humanist theories to design new texts? And can we use these design projects as humanist research, to add to the theories we have used? I discuss a few attempts to do so in this article published in the Journal of Media Innovations (open access).

Fagerjord, Anders. «Humanist evaluation methods in locative media design«. The Journal of Media Innovations 2.1 (2015). 107-22.

ISMI 2014 paper

Today, I am presenting a paper on my Church Music in Rome project at the International Symposium on Media Innovations. You can download the paper I submitted to the conference.

This paper will be updated with new results, and future versions will be linked from this page.

Update: The paper was published in The journal of media innovations 2.1 (2015).

Abstract: Evaluating genre design

This is the extended abstract for a seminar on «Genre innovation» at the University of Oslo, 6 December 2013.

We have developed a web site for mobile devices, presenting church music to tourists in Rome (Fagerjord, 2011). Using the phones’ GPS, it gives directions to six churches where tourists can listen to music written for that church centuries ago together with spoken commentaries. Blending genres from radio and tourist guides we have created a genre prototype. We also hoped to learn more about what a good location-based texts is. Is this design research, or just design? Les videre