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Reveiw of «Fashioning the Emperor’s New Clothes»

Dean, Christopher; Will Hochman; Carra Hood and Robert McEachern. «Fashioning the Emperor’s New Clothes: Emerging Pedagogy and Practices of Turning Wireless Laptops Into Classroom Literacy Stations @SouthernCT.edu». Kairos 9.1 (2004)  <http://kairos.technorhetoric.net/9.1/binder2.html?coverweb/hochman_et_al/intro.html> 11 February 2014.

Four university teachers share their experiences with teaching writing in a classroom equipped with wireless laptop computers. They have written an essay each, all around the theme of communication in real life compared to the computer mediated kind. Les videre

Review of «Reversion notions of disability and accomodation»

Dunn, Patricia A. and Kathleen Dunn. «Reversing Notions of Disability and Accommodation: Embracing Universal Design in Writing Pedagogy and Web Space.» Kairos 7.1 (2002). 11 February, 2014.

Paper arguing that ideas from Universal Web Design also can acommodate different learning styles in the classroom. Very little theory, but many examples from real teaching experience. Les videre

Review: Team-teaching in the virtual writing class

Beasly, Ann et.al. «Team-Teaching in the Virtual Writing Class». Kairos 5.1. (2000) < http://kairos.technorhetoric.net/5.1/binder.html?features/ruff/bridgenw.html> 4 February 2014.

Beasly and her colleagues use frames to present their experiences after three years of teaching writing classes where students of three different universities collaborate on writing projects via e-mail and chat. The text is mainly descriptive, but references to orther works discussing related problems are given in the discussion towards the end of each page.  Les videre

Reveiw of «Heterotopic spaces online»

Galin, Jeffrey R. and Joan Latchaw. «Heterotopic spaces online: A new paradigm for academic scholarship and publication». Kairos 3.1 (1998) < http://kairos.technorhetoric.net/3.1/binder2.html?coverweb/galin/index.htm> 30 January 2014.

Galin and Latchaw have explored electonic networked alternatives to the print model of academic publishing. The paper falls in three main parts, which are presented in a linear structure using buttons marked «back» and «forward.» First they discuss the working of archives in the view of Foucault’s metaphor of heterotopia. Then they describe and discuss five different online repositories of research articles, before the last section draws up four possible solutions for the future. Les videre

Review of «Fanning the Flames»

Walker, Janice R. «Fanning the flames: Tenure and promotion and other role-playing games.» Kairos 2.1 (1997). < http://kairos.technorhetoric.net/2.1/binder2.html?coverweb/walker/intro.html> 24 January 2014

What first strikes me is that this article is old. Ancient in Web chronology. As the article has a long row of «@»s below the title, I assume it is an indication of the original window width, so I adjust my browser accordingly.

Walker argues in a rhizomatic hypertext that electronic work should be valued in its own terms in tenure reviews — a recurring topic in Kairos. The text is strewn with links, and the author stresses that she wants  user to get lost in the hypertext. Les videre