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I use Tinderbox for several things (this blog, for instance), so I often need to have several documents open at the same time. As each document normally has several open windows, even my 30" monitor may get messy. My Getting Things Done lists with eight windows open is just one example.

My to do lists in Tinderbox
My to do lists in Tinderbox

The other day, I did what I should have done monts ago, I downloaded a Virtual Desktop app called You Control Desktops. There are many other such apps, and Apple will make it a function called "spaces" in the next OS upgrade.

Now I keep Mail and iCal in one desktop or workspace or whatever, my Getting Things Done has its own desktop, and I have a clear monitor for all other kinds of work.

What will take a bit of getting used to is to move windows around from desktop to desktop. Sometimes I need Mail and iCal together, sometimes iCal and Getting Things Done, and I most always need a browser.

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