new blog design

Ta-daa! My new blog design is online. I have spent time implementing two things:

1. Each note is now a separate page. I don't want to bother with permalinks. I want you to be able too link or bookmark right away. I have other reasons too, which I will write about in the coming few days. As each post now is a separate page, some people may not want to call this a blog anymore. Fine with me, I don't care. I feel certain the design will work, as it is used in all news sites on the Web.

2. I have collected some notes in thematic overview pages. This should hopefully make it easier to locate a certain post. The style is adapted from George P. Landow's hypertexts, some of which I have written about before .

I haven't yet incorporated a comments section. Please email me if you have comments on this design!

If you think the fonts are to big, by the way, it's your fault, not mine. The design is fluid, and uses the font size of your browser as the base.

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