Jill in Oslo

Jill visited on friday. It was great seeing her again, and we had a great conversation that lasted the whole day. (She must have been very tired of me at the end of the day!)

She presented her current research interest in "viral" or "distributed" stories twice: for my master's students in the morning, and in our research seminar in the afternoon. My students seemed interested and puzzled by her lecture. The seminar turned into a very interesting discussion. And I got to chat and gossip with Jill again. It was a success.

<a href=Terje, Marika and Jill in the seminar."/ width="400" height="300" >
Terje, Marika and Jill in the seminar.

In the morning, she used Aristotle's Poetics as her starting point, discussing artworks and stories distributed in time, in space, and -- perhaps -- in action. In the afternoon, she used Focault's perspective that the author is a function we need to control the fiction. What was interesting was that the theme and the texts that seemed important to the projects completely changed. The questions we ask have tremendous influence.

Jill in action, blurily captured with my cameraphone
Jill in action, blurily captured with my cameraphone

What interests me -- as I told Jill -- is the phenomenology of this. What is it that triggers our curiosity? Is it our natural ability of Pattern Recognition?

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