finding a voice

The last two weeks, several people have asked me why I have stopped blogging.

My usual response is that I don't have time anymore. And it is true, I am incredibly busy these days, doing too much teaching, and always running after deadlines in my ever decreasing research work.

But to put all the blame for my blogblock on my busy schedule is not entirely truthful. It's always been such that if I really want to write a post, I am able to squeeze it in. (Right now, I'm typing this at the subway station.)

Often, I don't know what to blog about anymore. It is related to my work situation. I used to blog about research, or about thoughts occuring to my while doing research work. As I do less research, I have less to blog about. I don't want to blog about much about my teaching, as many of my students read this blog from time to time.

To blog, you need to find a voice. My voice was that of a Ph.D. student, really, although I was able to continue it as a post.doc. fellow. But as an associate professor, my job is so different, the old voice doesn't fit anymore.

If I want to be a blogger, I need a new voice.

You wouldn't know this, but I have been experimenting with other blogs, other places. Under pseudonym, mainly. At one time, I though I would be a Youtuber, but it turned out I only did one post.

Hey, my subway has arrived at campus. Time to get off!

But I do think blogging is worthwile, and the encouragements I got the last few weeks have inspired me to start writing again. We'll see, right now I am trying to find a voice.

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