clever students

The students in my "creative web communciation" class are so clever! One group writes a stretchtext story on how hurricanes are made, with updated information on the latest hurricanes automatically merged in.

Another group writes international news stories for children, with inventive "track this story" panels that give background with links to earlier news and a glossary that slides in to explain difficult words.

Four students have teamed up to make a website giving overview and background to the conflict in Darfur, while the last group is using Flash to program what they claim is a wildly inventive interface to a movie database.

I'm looking forward to see the final sites next week!

One thing I didn't expect: I showed Tinderbox to the students the first week, pointing to the basic logic and Web export features, thinking they might use it for brainstorming and IA work before moving to Dreamweaver and Flash. Well, two of the four groups are using Tinderbox to create the whole thing. It caught on.

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