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Review of Blue Velvet in Vectors

Goldberg, David Theo and Stefka Hristova. «Blue Velvet: Re-dressing New Orleans in Katrina’s Wake» Vectors 3.1 (2007) <http://vectors.usc.edu/projects/index.php?project=82>

Blue Velvet is a linear article arguing that the disaster in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina was a socially produce one, as the affected area was designated for poor black people and had been neglected for over a century, a development made even worse by neoliberalism and the Iraq war. Continue reading

Review of “Wegzeit”

Offenhuber, Dietmar. “Wegzeit: The geometry of relative distance”. Vectors 1.2 (2006) <http://vectors.usc.edu/projects/index.php?project=64>

Regular maps show objective distances and spatial relations. But we also experience spaces in relative measures, such as the time it will take you to get somewhere. «Wegzeit» is a short presentation of six different experimental maps of Los Angeles. Continue reading

Review of “Objects of Media Studies”

Hastie, Amelie (curator). «Objects of Media Studies». Vectors 2.1 (2006). <http://vectors.usc.edu/projects/index.php?project=65> 28 July, 2014.

This is a curated collection of texts by eight writers exploring the materiality of one object each. The nodes can be read in three ways: By author, by curator’s narrative, or free browsing. Continue reading

Review of “Public Secrets”

Daniel, Sharon. “Public Secrets”. Vectors 2.2 (2007). <http://vectors.usc.edu/projects/index.php?project=57>

“Public Secrets” is a collection (what Manovich would call a ‘database’) of bits of sound recordings of interviews with inmates in a California women’s prison. The bits are linked together by various means, but the main listening experience is one of random browsing, assembling a mosaique out of sound bites ranging from 45 seconds to 3 minutes. The piece was recognized as an Official Honoree in the Activism category by the 11th Webby awards. Continue reading